Books & Academic

I design academic books, training and course material with the learner in mind. Information is offered in bite-sized chunks and around clear attention points. Design for academic books need not be bland. Colour can be used to differentiate and for navigating to different sections, typography can be used for easy reading as well as for creating attractive and pleasing-on-the eye design. I also did a variety of technical illustrations and cover designs for the two books below. Both these publications proved to be a huge success amongst students and lecturers alike.


I recently redesigned course material for the UAL: University of the Arts London. The complexity of the material, with sometimes many attention points per page proved to be a massive challenge. After several consultations and research amongs the students the following was the solution. Overall accepted as a huge improvement on the previous layout and presentation. Students could now use the acrual material to make study notes in the margins and text blocks provided.